Cardi B and Offset Give Each Other Matching Tattoos to Mark Wedding Anniversary

Cardi B and Offset have given each other matching tatts to mark their wedding anniversary!

If you know Cardi and Offset, you would know that the pair always try to outdo each other when it comes to celebrations regarding birthdays and anniversaries. They both go all out to top what they did the previous year. With gifts ranging from luxury cars, to swanky houses, to presenting million-dollar checks, there literally is no limit with those two. They have a thing for crashing standards and starting trends every single time.

In a report carried by TMZ, the next episode of the Facebook Messenger series, ‘Cardi Tries’, will feature Cardi B giving her husband, Offset, a tattoo, guided by celebrity tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado.

Cardi B And Offset Give Each Other Matching Tattoos To Mark Wedding Anniversary, Yours Truly, News, May 23, 2024

The original plan was for Offset to be the only one who got tatted, but somehow he ended up getting her to swerve onto the matching ink lane. Hurtado, who previously tatted the Migos member, served as an able chaperone for the two, deciding to get their wedding date, 9/20/2017, on both their hands. As an added touch, the dates are vertical, matching up when they are holding hands.

Last month, Cardi had shared on Twitter that she was seriously considering whether or not to get a face tattoo. Whatever makes you happy, Cardi.

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