Cardi B Films as Yacht Sink on Vacation

In an age of social media where we are always camera ready to capture wild and regular events alike, there is ever a moment that escapes our ever prepared cameras. However, ready we always are, it is not all the time we capture strange or headline topping events, but now and then, we find ourselves in positions to capture moments that could save lives instantly or in the nearest future. American rapper Cardi B has recently found herself in one of such moments.

In a post shared on her Instagram account, the rapper witnessed a yacht sink before her eyes, capturing the wild moment on her mobile phone. On Saturday, Cardi was on her private vacation at a beachfront villa when she saw the boat go underwater. Before sharing the shipwreck, she filmed it in a series of Instagram story posts. She later shared the event on her Twitter page.

In the first of her posts, shocked, Cardi B asked if there was a bigger boat around to save the yacht. Fortunately, no one got injured in the unfortunate incident, as the rapper confirmed in another of her posts that no one was on board as the yacht sunk.

The rapper, who has announced she has a new album on the way, was on a private vacation with her husband Offset on the Island in celebration of Memorial Day.

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