Cardi B Fires Back At MMA Fighter Who Compare Her To Andrew Tate

A slight won’t escape the notice of Cardi B. She recently threatened to reveal DMs after complaining about being exploited for unpaid “marketing strategies.” Now that Jake Shields is an MMA fighter, Cardi has something to say to him. Shields felt the need to include Cardi in his outburst on Twitter after the misogynist influencer Andrew Tate was banned from using social media.

“People are freaking out about young boys looking up to Andrew Tate but totally fine with young girls looking up to Cardi B and the Kardashians,” Shields wrote. “Tate’s main message is stop being lazy and making excuses and go work hard and get in shape and make money. Cardi’s is go do drugs, f**k random men and go through life as a brain dead moron.”

Cardi fired back. “I’m married, I don’t smoke weed, I don’t pop pills, I don’t do coke, I’m a mom of 2 kids and I do a lot of charity work,” wrote the rapper. “But hey let me put Cardi into it to defend a man who defends misogyny and rape.”

Five years ago, Andrew Tate was expelled from Twitter for his assertion that sexual assault on women is “women’s responsibility.” Tate was recently removed from TikTok as well as the Meta platforms.

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