Cardi B Reveals Update On Her New Album

The highly anticipated project fans have been waiting for may not be coming this year. In 2023, fans eagerly anticipated Cardi B’s long-awaited second studio album. Her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, was released in 2018 and featured massive hits such as “I Like It,” “Bodak Yellow,” and “Bartier Cardi.” There were hints of a follow-up album when a mysterious Instagram account appeared, but months passed without any new material. Cardi eventually confirmed to her fans that there would be no new album in 2023.

This year, I started very differently. Cardi has already released two singles, “Like What (Freestyle)” and “Enough (Miami),” in 2024. “Enough (Miami)” has garnered over 30 million streams on Spotify and has been on the Hot 100 since its release in March. This excited fans for a possible upcoming project, which many assumed would be released this year. However, a recent tweet from Cardi may have dashed those hopes.

The interaction began when a fan suggested that Cardi take a break from social media, as her interactions with fans were not being appreciated enough. In a now-deleted quote tweet, the rapper seemed to agree and delivered some disappointing news for fans. “Anyway, no new album this year. I don’t care. I’m relaxing this year,” she said in the middle of a post addressing her fan interactions and upcoming features. This means that fans waiting for eight years may have to wait even longer to hear about a new project from Cardi.

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