Cardi B Shows Off Her Signed Version Of Beyoncé’s “RENAISSANCE”

Cardi B will definitely be excited about Beyoncé, that much is certain. Though the Grammy-winning rap diva has always received love from the New York-born rhymer, the roles were turned on Monday (September 19), when Queen B showed love to the mother of two.

Cardi posted a video thanking the Lemonade hit-maker for gifting her a signed copy of her freshly released RENAISSANCE album along with a touching note for the 29-year-old earlier today. To: Cardi B,” Bey wrote, “Hard working, beautiful and talented queen, thank you for always supporting me. Sending so much love to you and yours. Respect, Beyoncé.”

Showing off her beautiful gift, Bardi, in a loud voice, said, “Look what Beyoncé sent me, read it bitch!” Bringing the vinyl nearer to the cam for a closer look from viewers, she continued, “It’s so beautiful, so lovely. I’m gonna put it in a glass frame with laser beams on it. Anybody who gets motherf*cking next to it is gonna get electrocuted on motherf*cking sight. I just wanna say thank you so much. I feel so special.”

Cardi’s birthday is on October 11, as noted by Billboard, so in addition to Beyoncé’s gift, she will undoubtedly receive some other noteworthy presents. Offset in particular will have to top the amazing Dominican Republic property he surprised Cardi with last year.

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