Cardi B Snaps At “Industry B*tches” For Sending Her Weird, Unsolicited DMs

Cardi B remains one of the most popular female rappers out now. Regardless of the fact that she has not dropped an album in years, she still causes a stir with basically anything she does, ranging from music, to twitter rants, to public appearances.

On Sunday, March 7th, she put out a tweet that seemed to hit some nerves. The online drama began when Cardi tweeted about other industry artists being in her DM, but not exactly showing her the respect she was deserving of. “I wish I can show y’all my DMs. On God these industry b*tches are weird and p*ssy. Y’all really don’t have a mind of your own and everything is a game to y’all.”

After this tweet, which she had to take down for whatever reason, a twitter user came asking her why she just wouldn’t tag the people she was referring to. Cardi was quick to reply, saying she gives it them hot and direct in the DMs, so they already know the tweet is directed at them.

“I don’t have to put a @ cause I definitely let them have it directly in the DM so they know this tweet about them ..YOU JUST DONT KNOW !” the rapper wrote.

Cardi B Snaps At &Quot;Industry B*Tches&Quot; For Sending Her Weird, Unsolicited Dms, Yours Truly, News, March 1, 2024

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