Cardi B Supports Offset Despite Quality Control Music Scandal

It had been rumored that Offset and someone else were at odds in the background, but it wasn’t until today that it was revealed that Quality Control Music was the source of the conflict. We’ve kept you informed about the ongoing conflict between Offset and QCM, particularly Pierre Thomas’ response to rumors that the Migos rapper sued his label.

Quavo and Takeoff have collaborated on releases recently while Offset quietly pursued his solo career; however, today (August 24), it was discovered that the rapper intended to sue QCM. “The last lawsuit was filed publicly and dismissed quietly,” wrote Thomas on social media. “Let’s see how this one go. Been to real for all this lame sh*t. Everyone know the real problem.”

Offset responded by stating that he supposedly paid a sizable sum of money in order to advance in his profession. Cardi B, who is his wife, also appeared to comment on the ongoing debate. Prior to today’s scandal, she made no mention of Offset managing his business.

“Offset bought himself out his Qc deal after they didn’t want to renegotiate his contract,” she penned. “I’m tired of people trying to make offset look like the bad guy …..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

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