Cardi B’s Comments On Upcoming Presidential Elections Spark Debate On CNN

Cardi B’s stance on the upcoming presidential election has sparked controversy on CNN. During a recent episode of CNN’s State of the Union, Cardi B’s comments on Joe Biden and Donald Trump were debated. The rapper expressed in Rolling Stone that she does not intend to vote for either candidate because she is uncomfortable supporting a candidate who is actively funding the violence in Palestine.

During the show, Jake Tapper stated, “The famous rapper, Cardi B… she endorsed Biden in 2020. She told Rolling Stone magazine she doesn’t ‘f’ with either of them.” Bakari Sellers added, “I don’t think the biggest threat to Joe Biden is Donald Trump. I think the biggest threat to Joe Biden is people staying at home. Cardi B echoes that sentiment.”

Cardi has raised her concerns with Biden multiple times in recent weeks. As Complex captured, she commented during a live stream on social media.

“When it comes to Biden, I can’t support you because you’re funding a war,”

“You’re funding a war where millions are getting killed. And you know who’s getting killed? This is not a war that is soldiers fighting soldiers. Because if it’s soldiers fighting soldiers, alright, that’s a war, that’s a battle. But there’s children and parents getting killed. I am a parent, I would hate to be a child and to see my father or mother get killed due to a bomb. I can’t support that, I just can’t. My heart can’t. I can’t support that.”

“But I’m not going to feel guilty three years from now, two years from now, when one of these old hags is our president and some f*ck sh*t happen. I don’t wanna feel guilty that I’m part of the pick.”

Despite her stance, she’s not trying to discourage people from voting.

“I’m not encouraging anybody to not vote. You do what you want to do, but I’m telling you what I’m doing and that’s it,”

“But the more you know, and the more passionate you become, the more you see that our leaders are evil.”

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