Carl Crawford Is Refuted By Megan Thee Stallion After He Asserts That She Is Not From Houston

Following her filing for $1M in damages in their ongoing lawsuit, Megan Thee Stallion’s story with Carl Crawford of 1501 Certified Ent. continues. All hell broke out on social media between the CEO and the Traumazine artist after J. Prince made a statement in support of Crawford. Before Crawford appeared on Live, the two had engaged in verbal sparring on Twitter and Instagram.

Crawford then charged Megan Thee Stallion with inventing a residence in Houston. Megan Thee Stallion was born and raised in San Antonio, claims Crawford. “I’m just saying, y’all so real but you ain’t never in Houston,” Crawford said.  “Megan from H-Town? Megan from San Antonio,” he added. “Don’t nobody got a Dead End story about Megan. Go find one.”

In a string of tweets, Megan Thee Stallion retaliated against Crawford’s accusations. She emphasized the large age gap between them and the various images and videos of her childhood that have appeared online since she became famous.

“…Now I’m just a made up character from Houston? Nobody in Houston knows me ? I just started ‘claiming Houston’ when I got famous.. like it ain’t school pictures and some more shit out in the world.” Ending the barrage of tweets, she wrote, “stop bringing up where I’m from and bring me my MONEY.”

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