Celeste AlÍas New Release, ‘Tranquila. Celeste Canta Chavela’

‘Tranquila. Celeste Canta Chavela’ is an album born from the show ‘Tranquila’. A song of freedom, love and life, a feast for the dead, a celebration of life and death, of an important figure in the world of popular music, the famous Mexican singer Chavela Vargas.

Celeste Alías gives her voice and name to this album where she explores new sonorities accompanied by guitarist Santi Careta and drummer Oriol Roca. The three have reunited after their album ‘Celeste Canta Antonio Machín’ seven years ago. The sonologist Adrià Serrano is the fourth musician in the band. All four have opted for a contemporary sound rooted in tradition.

In this album we travel through the life of Chavela Vargas through her songs, such as ‘Macorina’, which was a clear vindication of the era. Other hits such as ‘Volver, volver’, ‘El último trago’ and ‘La enorme distancia’ will also be played. ‘We like to call them NeoRancheras and Boleros galactic’.

There is one aspect that makes the album very special:

‘We wanted to get as close as possible to the recording techniques of the sixties. The whole album is recorded on tape, as they did back then, but in La Enorme Distancia in particular we have used a microphone from that time and we recorded it all three in the same room, carefully measuring the distances of each instrument with respect to the microphone. The result is this ranchera captured in a single recording and it seems that the musicians are in the same room where you are when you are listening to it at home’.

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