Chance The Rapper Denies Not Responding To Keyshia Cole’s Text About A Song Collab

Hip-hop fans might have landed themselves a spicy collab off Twitter banter.

Keyshia Cole has been holding her forte for many years now, but after a good run, she announced some weeks ago that she’d be calling it a day with her music career, as her next upcoming album would be her last. This announcement triggered off a social media storm where fans expressed sadness and disappointment over the news.

Whereas, others just wanted to know a bunch of things from the singer, so they kept making several attempts to reach the singer with their questions. It was in this process that one of her fans stumbled upon a 2013 tweet made by Chance The Rapper, in which he just wanted everyone to help him get a “hi” across to Keyshia.

So one of her fans asked if she ever did notice him once, to which she responded, “Now I get why he shaded me when I texted him about a song”. Chance caught wind of what was going on and quickly butted in to clear things up.

“U musta text someone else,” was Chance’s calm response. Even though it’s easier to lean to one side of this story, no one else but them both know what really happened.

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