Charleston White, Whom He Refers To As “Broke,” Is Challenged By Soulja Boy To Display $100K

Soulja Boy is fed up with Charleston White bringing up his name, so much so that he has accused the contentious YouTuber of being “broke” and demanded that he provide evidence to the contrary. Earlier last month, after a physical incident between the two in Miami, White maced Big Draco with pepper spray.

White went live to provide his account of what transpired when he and the Atlanta rapper crossed paths. He also discussed what happened with Akademiks in an interview for his Off The Record podcast. After that, Soulja Boy responded, criticizing the former gang member-turned-internet sensation for his handling of the circumstance.

“I thought you n-ggas was gangstas. N-ggas pullin’ out pepper spray and doin’ the dashboard,” he stated on his Instagram Live before issuing White to stop criticizing him. Soulja responded to White’s assertions about what happened on Tuesday (July 26) by saying that the YouTuber was broke before telling him to stop talking.

“N-ggas a knock your ass out,” said Soulja, responding on his Instagram Live. “Show me 100 thousand broke ass n-gga. Show me 100 thousand n-gga you still live in the trailer park n-gga fuck outta here you ain’t never touched a million dollars n-gga. I been getting money since I was 16. Show 100k n-gga.”

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