Check Out The Behind-The-Scenes Video To Omah Lay’s “Soso”

If you have watched the music video of Omah Lay’s “Soso” and have a curious mind about how all that awesomeness was pieced together, let your mind wander no more. How the video was created has finally been made public.

It has been over 12 days since the music video came out, and it has accumulated over 2 million views on YouTube. Before the release of Soso’s music video, Omah had been teasing the video with a chopped version of it being uploaded to his socials which was also done to promote the song indirectly. The teaser did its job of buzz generation, setting the stage for the real deal, which followed days later. The Top Shotta-directed music video features traditional African concepts, a literal dancing masquerade, and several svelte African women moving around Lay, who was on his knees, dousing him in different paint colors.

It was art in its most vulnerable and purest form as Omah poured out the emotions he carried within himself when he made the record. Not watching that video at least three to four times in a row, on the first watch, should be a criminal offense.

The song is the eleventh track off his smash debut album, Boy Alone. Look at bits of the behind-the-scenes shared by a Twitter fan page.


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