Chlöe Announces Completing Her Album, Gushes Over How “Super Proud Of This Project” She Is

Chlöe Bailey has established her career as a solo artist with the release of her first single, “Have Mercy”, a viral hit that took off from social media to the top of the charts. The one-half of Chloe x Halle singing duo has been a special songstress for quite a long time, as she and her sis, Halle, have had their hands deep in the R&B cookie jar, influencing the culture with their unique sound.

Chlöe, however, has decided to branch out into her own lane with the new music moves she’s been making and her social media promotions. Fans have patiently been waiting on news about any new releases from the songbird’s stables.

And, recently, Chlöe gave them exactly what they needed to know by sharing an exciting update. “Guys… i tried to hold it in but i finished my album a couple weeks ago,” she revealed in a tweet.

Of course the news sent her fans into a frenzy, prompting several questions from them, to which she replied:

“I don’t control dates or anything, but just know i’m super proud of this project. it means absolutely everything to me,” she added. “I’m so happy right now. I haven’t been that active and i miss you guys every single day, but just wanted to check in so you know i’m working and making everything special for y’all.”

Chlöe Announces Completing Her Album, Gushes Over How &Quot;Super Proud Of This Project&Quot; She Is, Yours Truly, News, April 20, 2024

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