Chris Brown Claims To Be In Talks For A Prospective Verzuz

Chris Brown might actually enter the Verzuz ring.

The R&B icon has expressed his opinions publicly over a prospective Verzuz showdown, but he might be singing a different tune now. Chris claimed that he has been in discussions with the authorities during a recent interview with Big Boy.

“I’ma keep it a hundred. I’ve been talking to the people so we might figure something out but I ain’t gon’ say nothing yet. I ain’t gonna get nobody hype yet,” teased the singer. He was clear that nothing had been decided upon, though. “The check ain’t been cut, none of that,” he futher added.

He continued by elaborating on his hesitation to take part in Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s matchup series.

“Me at my career now, I ain’t hanging no towel up,” he said. “I don’t feel that I wanna go up against somebody that might not be in there. It’s too much of a Verzuz for me. I don’t want to have to overshadow nobody or really, ‘Damn, that boy killed this person.’ I don’t even want to go back and forth with none of that.”

The 33-year-old performer believes it is too early in his career. “I’ll do some Verzuz in like 15 years when I’m gray hairs and all that shit.”

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