Chris Brown Is Waiting For That Beyoncé Collaboration

Breezy mentioned Bey as an artist he would really like to collaborate with.

Chris Brown’s much awaited album is soon to be released, but even before it does, the musician is already discussing other collaborations he intends to complete. This Friday, June 24, Breezy will be available on streaming services, and Brown has had a very active promotional campaign.

Fans can hear Brown in this iconic C.Breezy period demonstrate just how far his abilities extend as he flexes his chops on various tracks that work well with him. As a result of his collaborations with practically all the major figures in the music business, Brown has gone on to become a legend. When he was at Million Dollaz Worth of Game, he acknowledged that there is one cooperation he has yet to finalize.

He stated: “Probably Beyoncé…only because of what that would look like, us really do a dope song with both of us dancing in it. That would be dope, like a check off my to-do list. She’s probably the only one I haven’t worked with. I’m not turning it down.”

Although it’s unclear if this will happen anytime soon, both singers’ supporters have voiced their opinions.

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