City Girls Take On Jamaica With Abundant Twerking, Fans React

Miami rap duo City Girls have taken to Instagram to flaunt their adventures in Jamaica, featuring raucous applause in clubs, a lot of dancing, and a few outbursts. With a performance on the island, they’re certainly making the most of Memorial Day Weekend.

Sporting a beautiful rainbow-coloured bikini, bling, and blue fur heels, JT posted a highlight on Instagram, calling the cheerful Instagram audience to come to get some of the abundant work she’s got to flaunt.

JT posted a handful of other highlights, expressing gratitude and satisfaction at how her first time in Jamaica had gone. Yung Miami also shared photos from the trip on her Instagram account. Yung Miami documented the great cuisine they were eating and some of the neighbourhoods they drove through, in addition to other party posts where she shows off her twerking abilities.

Elated fans who enjoyed the American rap duo’s performance shared stills and shots from their Jamaica performance.

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