CKay Buys New House And Posts Throwback Images Of His Previous Residence

Chukwuka Ekweani, better known by his stage as CKay, is a Nigerian singer who recently acquired a lush property in Lagos. The “Watawi” singer posted a picture of his new home on social media. After leaving his home in 2014, CKay stayed in Surulere for nine years before sharing a photo of the residence there. The image was included in the posts he made on Twitter and Instagram.

Also, in the picture of his new crib was a ride that also looked brand-new. A new car for a new compound does not seem like a terrible idea, especially if you’re CKay, who stayed diligent for almost a decade, grinding and evolving along with his sound. Now the hustle has paid off, and the singer couldn’t be more grateful as he sings “Hallelujah” on his next single, which he announced alongside the before-and-after home photos.

He also shared a snippet of what the new single sounds like, and from what we hear, it is about to be another smash hit, especially with genius production from Magic Sticks. CKay has been catching Ws and seeing significant green since he blew up globally with “Love Nwantiti.” In addition, he recently linked up with the OG Olamide on the hit tune “Trumpet,” blowing the horn of Afrobeats on major African music charts and beyond.

Have a look at the singer’s post.

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