Clubhouse of War: Roddy Ricch Fights Crip Over “False Flagging”

Clubhouse might be new on the social media block, but the audio app has earned a reputation for being an avenue for settling scores – a place where people go to air their frustrations, fight, and even make up.

Roddy Ricch found himself in that “hot house” recently, somewhat annoyed, and he flared up on the app after a Crip accused him of “false flagging.”

Yah-L had reportedly claimed that the “Late At Night” rapper was “false flagging.” The rapper wouldn’t take the claims lying low, however. He confronted Yah-L immediately.

Roddy Ricch wondered why anyone should think he’s not from the hood. He then sought to list things that put him right there – the hood.

He wasn’t done just yet, though. He snapped at Yah-L and wondered if he’d even touched a million bucks in his life. Roddy Ricch affirmed that talk is cheap, and that’s what Yah-L was just doing. Roddy insists he isn’t much interested in the whole sh!t but in making the Forbes list again

The guns appeared to have stopped firing from both sides. But how long until someone snaps again from either side. Hopefully, as soon fans had prayed, Roddy Ricch ignores the noise and focus on making more music.

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