Coco Jones Performs ‘ICU’ On Genius Open Mic

Coco Jones has recently graced the stage of Genius’ OPEN MIC studio, delivering a captivating performance of her hit song “ICU.” The R&B smash, produced by DJ Camper, has already amassed over seven million streams on Spotify. The performance showcased Jones’s incredible vocal range and her stage presence, further solidifying her reputation as a rising star in the music industry.

Jones is an accomplished musician and actress, currently starring as Hilary Banks in Peacock’s “Bel-Air.” The young artist has been gaining attention for her versatile talents, and her recent performance at Genius’ OPEN MIC studio is just one example of her incredible abilities.

“ICU” is one of the standout tracks from Jones’s EP “What I Didn’t Tell You,” which features collaborations with a variety of producers and songwriters. The EP has been well-received by fans and critics alike, further solidifying Jones’s place in the music industry. With her talents as both a musician and actress, it’s clear that Jones has a bright future ahead of her.

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