Coi Leray Prays For Her Dad, Benzino: "I Want Him To Heal Offline"

Not withstanding all the tension existing between Coi Leray and her dad, Benzino, which sometimes finds its way to social media, Coi continues to remain supportive of the man. She recently chopped it up with The Neighborhood Talk, where she really spilled her heart regarding her father and his antics and also how she wants what’s best for him which is to find healing…offline.

“Just pray. I pray,” she said. “I tried to hit up Instagram like…I don’t even know who to contact but I’m hitting headquarters like, ‘Report!’ You crazy?! Yes! I try to report him. He does not know the off button! My dad doesn’t understand like, yo. I love my dad because it’s like, family’s everything, right? But blood don’t make you family and when you start doing sh*t that starts questioning your loyalty and who you are as a person, especially to your own daughter, like, alright, bro.”

“I forgive. I have faith. That’s why I’m still here and I’m able to be like, you know what? [It’s] my father,” Leray continued. When asked about squaring up with her dad, she said, “If I could, I’d knock him the f*ck out, right?! I would if I could!” she joked. “No, I just have to pray for him. I want him to heal offline. I really do. That’s how we’re going to be able to get better.”

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