Comedian Nasty Blaq Trolls BNXN For Subtly Flaunting His New Cartier Timepiece

Nigerian sketch artist Nasty Blaq trolled Afrobeats singer Daniel Benson aka BNXN after a video showed him showing off his wristwatch. In the clip, BNXN talks about opportunity knocking on a person’s door and having to wait if ‘Idan’ isn’t there. Nasty said that BNXN wanted to show off the newly purchased Cartier watch, but did not want to brag openly, so he used the excuse to talk unrelated.

The content creator, who owns a similar watch, then paired what the male singer did and said he should boldly show off the expensive accessory instead of pretending. According to Blaq, many musicians are guilty of what Buju has done, and there’s no point in bragging about it.

While Nasty continues having fun on socials, he is making some good money on the side and bagging major endorsement deals. Unknown to many, the comedian and social media influencer Breet, a leading crypto trading platform, announced their partnership. Breet’s innovative platform for OTC strictly-spend crypto trading is the partnership’s focus, which aims to raise awareness and generate excitement.

The organization will likewise use Nasty Blaq’s online entertainment presence and impact to drive more recruits and clients to the stage. The digital-led campaign to announce the Breet X Nasty Blaq partnership aims to raise awareness and sales.

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