Controversy Surrounds Viral Video of DJ Brownskin’s Wife’s Passing

The live-streamed video of DJ Brownskin's wife collapsing and dying while he was performing has stirred up a storm of outrage on social media.

A video of Kenyan musician DJ Brownskin filming his wife taking poison has emerged online. His children’s mother, Sharon Njeri Mwangi, died in July last year. Although the recording was not available online at the time of her death, it has recently surfaced, causing the artist to face harsh criticism online. Law enforcement has not commented on Mwangi’s death as of the time this piece was written.

For those who are unaware, DJ Brownskin—whose actual name is Michael Macharia Njiri—is a well-known musician well-recognized for his music tracks. He is widely recognized in Kenya and has a sizable following on Instagram, with 38.9 followers. In the footage, Brownskin creates a mixture in the frightening video. According to rumors, DJ Brownskin encouraged his wife to sip the drink. She then chugs the unidentified drink and flings the cup at her spouse.

A short while afterward, she is seen writhing in agony. Also shown is one of the couple’s children attempting to assist Mwangi. Before Mwangi dies, the video comes to a close. It is still unknown how the footage ended up online. Also, it is questionable if DJ Brownskin forced his wife to consume the lethal mixture or if he participated in the act.

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