Conway The Machine Showers Praises On Kobe Bryant And Jay-Z Over Kanye West’s “Devil In A New Dress”

With his major label debút in the pipeline and about to burst through, Conway The Machine is doing the most to promote the album, God Don’t Make Mistakes, to be released on the 25th of February.

Last week, he hopped on the instrumental to “Jail”, the first track off Kanye’s Donda album to deliver a fire freestyle. You could tell how much he was in sync with the beat as he flowed venomously on the mic. He understood the assignment.

As he kept his flow steady, with the bars easily rolling off his tongue, he dropped quite a few notable lines.

“Gotta remember, me and these n***as ain’t similar. ‘Bout to drop my new sh*t and change the temperature. Drop my album in February to f**k the winter up. And I built a company to pull my n***as up,” he spat, with confidence and pride on his breath and in his demeanor.

In another line, he had some things to say about Hov. “Don’t worry, n***a, I got you,” were Jigga’s words to him, which keeps him pushing.

In remembrance of the late Kobe Bryant, he had this to say in yet another line: “Two years from the day we lost Mamba, May he rest in peace.” So not only was he rhyming and vibing, he was also paying his respects and showing love.

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