COTODAMA Launches Exclusive Lyric Speaker Box Collaboration with Mika Ninagawa

Limited-Edition Model Launched August 26th— Now Available Online Worldwide

Japanese award-winning music-tech company COTODAMA launches the latest limited-edition model of their innovative Lyric Speaker Box in collaboration with Tokyo-based director and photographer Mika Ninagawa. Based on the concept of “Music, City, Night, and Lyrics,” the Mika Ninagawa x COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Box is titled ‘Tokyo.’ In addition to the usual lyric motion, this limited edition model will display Mika Ninagawa’s artwork. The exclusive ‘Tokyo’ Lyric Speaker Box dropped worldwide on August 26th, 2022, for $2,500 (excluding tax) and will be available on COTODAMA’s official website:

For this collaboration, the past film and photography archives of Japanese visual artist Mika Ninagawa have been selected and integrated with COTODAMA’s corporate philosophy in a high-level and stylish manner. Featuring the vibrant colors Ninagawa is known for in her work, fuzzy close-ups of city lights are electrified with neon signage that hums with the vibrant enthusiasm of Tokyo through this model.


Lyric Speaker Box is the third model in the COTODAMA LYRIC SPEAKER lineup, launched in 2022, three years after the previous model. It is a next-generation Wi-Fi speaker equipped with “Lyric Sync Technology,” a proprietary technology that automatically displays the lyrics of a played song as motion graphics.

Starting with Lyric Speaker Box, a new function is added that automatically detects chorus sections from lyrics to change motion graphics; this is enabled by the lyrics chorus-section detection technology developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). This new function is the world’s first technology whose research article was accepted at ISMIR 2020, the top international conference in the field of music information processing. Moreover, using AIST’s lyrics mood estimation technology, the lyrics displayed on the transparent LCD monitor are automatically analyzed. Using these cutting-edge technologies, Lyric Speaker Box develops and installs emotional motion graphics such as calm motion graphics when gentle lyrics are sung, dynamic motion graphics when uplifting, and powerful motion graphics for the chorus sections.

For Lyric Speaker Box, COTODAMA uses the Role font created by Morisawa in collaboration with the world-famous typeface designer Matthew Carter as the leading designer. As the sound, COTODAMA adopts a 2-way bass reflex type speaker jointly developed with the master Tom’s Lab to make a wide range of sounds. Facing music visually and audibly feels like the artist is spinning words just for you in the same space, and those words you sense and perceive may move your heart and give you new ideas. Please try incorporating the artist’s words into your daily lifestyle through Lyric Speaker Box.


  • Brand TOKYO feat. Mika Ninagawa X COTODOMA
  • Product COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Box
  • Model LSB-Mika
  • Dimensions W38 x D12 x H26 cm
  • Weight 5kg
  • Speaker caliber 1x 3 inch woofer, 1x 0.75 inch tweeter
  • Speaker output 32W total
  • Frequency response 60Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Material PC/ABS, ABS, Acrylic plate
  • Power AC Adaptor
  • Input 90V~264V (50/60Hz)
  • Output 18V/2.8A (50.4Wmax)
  • Languages of lyrics English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc.
  • * Arabic and Russian are not supported.
  • Wi-Fi® 11a/b/g/n/ac, WPA3
  • Designed by COTODAMA in Tokyo, Assembled in China
Cotodama Launches Exclusive Lyric Speaker Box Collaboration With Mika Ninagawa, Yours Truly, News, June 14, 2024
Mika Ninagawa // Photographer, Film Director

Mika Ninagawa works mainly in photography but also in movies, video, and spatial installations. Winner of numerous awards, including the Kimura Ihei Photography Award, she published her book with Rizzoli N.Y. in 2010. She has directed five feature films, including “Helter Skelter” (2012) and “Diner Diner” (2019), as well as the Netflix original drama “FOLLOWERS.” Her solo exhibition “Mika Ninagawa: Garden of Shimmering Lights” is currently touring at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum. The artist released her latest book, “Flowers, Shimmering Light.”

Selected Solo Exhibitions;

  • “MIKA NINAGAWA”, MOCA Taipei, 2016
  • “MIKA NINAGAWA INTO FICTION / REALITY,” (toured throughout various museums in Japan), 2018-2021.
  • “MIKA NINAGAWA INTO FICTION / REALITY,” Beijing Times Museum, 2022.

COTODAMA Inc. is a Tokyo-based design company established in 2016 to create new bonds between music and listeners. COTODAMA means “words have a soul and the power to change people’s minds” in Japanese. Based on this meaning, COTODAMA Inc. was founded to influence people positively with the power of lyrics. The team aims to enrich the joy of lyrics with its lyric visualization technology.

COTODAMA was the first Asian company to be awarded a prize at the SXSW accelerator and was selected for Abbey Road Red, Europe’s leading music technology incubation program. Through their actions, COTODAMA hopes to contribute to the development of lyric culture and create a more diverse and more prosperous musical experience.

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