Crayon – The One (Chop Life) Ft. Yaba Buluku Boyz

Crayon Join Forces With Yaba Buluku Boyz On New Single "The One (Chop Life)"

.Crayon, a Mavin artist, has released a lovely new song called “The One (Chop Life),” which features Mozambican duo Yaba Buluku Boys and was produced by DJ Tarico. Days before the release of the new single, the singer teased it with snippets and tweets. Crayway was so excited about the new release that it pushed him to count his blessings, which came as a result of his music career’s recent great success.

The artist boasted about becoming the first millionaire in his family and being chosen to break the generational curse of poverty. He closed the tweet by declaring he was “The One,” which provides more context for the new single’s idea. Furthermore, the new song is Crayway’s first solo release of the year.

A day before the song’s publishing, Cray also revealed a sneak peek at the song’s music video, which heightened interest in the upcoming single. Crayon recreated the opening scene of the iconic music video for the Shizzi-produced song “Dami Duro,” which was released in 2011.

The lyrics of “The One (Chop Life),” produced by DJ Tarico, celebrate the good life, emphasizing enjoying oneself despite any pain or hardship. The lyrics are written in Nigerian Pidgin, which adds to the song’s authenticity and appeal.

Crayon sets the tone in the intro, declaring himself the one who can shut down the bar and make it rain with champagne. The chorus emphasizes the desire to enjoy life and forget the pain through indulging in the good things, such as more champagne. The refrain from the Yaba Buluku Boyz adds a catchy and upbeat element to the song.

The verses showcase Crayon’s lyrical ability and desire to have a good time. He talks about waiting for his “shọkọ” (a term for a date or lover) and how he prioritizes turning up and having fun over anything else. He encourages others to join him in celebrating life and even mentions his skills in football.

“The One (Chop Life)” is a fun and upbeat song with a catchy chorus and memorable verses. The use of Nigerian Pidgin and references to Nigerian and Mozambican culture add to the song’s appeal.

“The One” follows his last solo work, “Ijo (Laba Laba),” which became an instant hit upon its release. “The One (Chop Life)” is now accessible on all streaming platforms, so what are you waiting for?

Crayon – The One (Chop Life)


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