Cubana Chief Priest & Flavour Hanging Out In A New Video Trigger Reactions

After sharing a video of himself hanging out with artist Flavour, billionaire businessman Pascal Okechukwu Chibuike, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, sparked responses online. The self-proclaimed celebrity barman who recently had a disagreement with his best friend, Davido, leading to their Instagram unfollowing one another, tweeted a video showing him standing next to Flavour as they smoked together and talked.

Many people commented on the video, implying that he was about to find a new best friend and that his strong friendship with Davido had thus broken down. This comes weeks after Chief Priest and Davido unfollowed each other on IG. However, due to their long-standing great friendship, Davido and Cubana Chief Priest have been known to assist one another in their individual endeavors.

Cubana Chief Priest, the proprietor of a famous club, is usually seen hanging out with Davido at various gatherings and parties. He even goes above and above to promote the musician’s music on his social media channels. However, the pair’s before-seeming indestructible bond seems to have encountered a snag.

Chief Priest did not promote the singer’s latest show in Lagos, which is unusual given their past support for each other’s endeavors, adding fire to the rumors of a falling out. Theories about the potential causes of their breakup are rampant as fans and supporters attempt to make sense of this unexpected turn of events.

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