Cuppy And Ryan Taylor Show Affection With Posts After Failed Boxing Match

Ryan Taylor, the fiancé of DJ Cuppy, is fortunate to have her love and support, especially at this stage in his career.

After receiving a punch to the eye from his opponent during his scheduled bout, Taylor reportedly had to halt the boxing battle after only ten minutes and was moved to the hospital.

Cuppy shared her fear and affection on her Instagram page, and the boxer thanked her in his own post for helping him feel better.

DJ Cuppy said she believes that having her boyfriend well and injury-free is preferable to seeing a boxing event all the way through. When love is involved, what do you expect?

Well, the singer said it in a post she shared to comfort her partner after he was sent to the hospital with a battered eye after the fight. She wrote:

“The LOML ♥️ THANK GOD your eye is recovering. You scared me from ringside straight to A&E …Sorry fans, I pick his eyesight OVER any boxing match ANYDAY! #SorryNotSorry.”


In his post, Ryan recounted how Cuppy had basically dragged him away from a fight so they could go out and party. The boxer added that he is unsure of how or why that particular fight ended the way it did, but also acknowledged that anything can happen in a fight.

Well, Good luck next time and Speedy recovery, Ryan.

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