D4VD Unveils ‘Petals To Thorns’ EP

The music video for "The Bridge" is out today, featuring a highlight from D4VD's debut EP 'Petals to Thorns'. D4VD has partnered with LauFey on the EP standout "This is How it Feels". Moreover, this marks the kickoff of a series of European and U.S. tour dates scheduled for this summer.

D4VD’s Cinematic Universe: A New Era of Artistry
Anime, Music, and Live Performances Merge in D4VD’s Innovative Project

In a groundbreaking move, d4vd, the rising music sensation, has unveiled an anime video set to his hit song “Romantic Homicide.” The release marks the beginning of a new era in his career, coinciding with the launch of his latest EP and merchandise.

D4Vd Unveils 'Petals To Thorns' Ep, Yours Truly, News, June 17, 2024
D4Vd, Credit: Aiden Cullen

The video, a visual spectacle, begins with d4vd emerging from a colossal rose, symbolizing his artistic rebirth. Viewers are then plunged into his cinematic universe, where he confronts his alter ego, IT4MI, in an epic battle. IT4MI, whose name translates to ‘pain’ in Japanese, is a character inspired by manga and anime. He is blindfolded, representing his indifference to the pain he inflicts.


  1. Sleep Well
  2. Here With Me
  3. This Is How It Feels (feat. Laufey)
  4. Don’t Forget About Me
  6. Backstreet Girl
  7. You and I
  8. Romantic Homicide
  9. The Bridge

Stream EP:

“d4vd’s universe is populated by ‘4’ characters, each representing different aspects of his artistry,” the artist explained. “IT4MI is the main antagonist of my project, embodying the pain that is an inevitable part of the creative process.”

In celebration of this innovative project, d4vd is set to embark on a summer tour, performing at larger venues than ever before. The tour kicks off on May 28th in Manchester, UK, at the Deaf Institute. It will then proceed to major cities including London, Paris, Berlin, and Milan.

The artist will return to the US on June 25th for a hometown show in Houston, followed by performances in Washington, D.C., New York, and other cities. This tour promises to be a unique blend of music, visual art, and live performance, reflecting d4vd’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of his artistry.

Stay tuned for more updates on d4vd’s tour and his evolving cinematic universe.

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