Da Band’s Freddy P Says Diddy Is Why He Has Once Contemplated Suicide

The “Making The Band” star has confessed that he had his talents “silenced” by Diddy, lamenting about how close he has been to pulling the plug on his own life.

The Making The Band saga forges on, as Diddy remains under a compound microscope. Sean “Diddy” Combs assumed his role as the leader of the series in the early 2000s, propelling the show to a hit on MTV, from whence many artists took off, including Day 26 and Danity Kane, but one of the most talked-about seasons was the one that featured defunct Rap group, Da Band.

On the 1st of March, Day 26 singer, Willie Taylor, stated that Making The Band did set up many aspiring artists for failure, which sadly includes Freddy P.

“God knows if I was @diddy I would’ve done WAY MORE FOR THESE KIDS,” Freddy wrote on Instagram. “Any real ninja would’ve.. You start out JUST CHASING A DREAM. Then it QUICKLY GET SNATCHED AWAY.. Made me NEVER WANT TO RAP. God gone have the last laugh. My talent was given to me to touch hearts and homes an it was silenced. You silenced Gods plan. Everyone who ever took part will depart horribly from.”

He continued: “It’s these n*ggas like Puffy, he my main motherf*ckin’ reason why I really hate f*ckin’ life, dog. People don’t even understand.”

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