DaBaby Addresses Intrusion And Shooting Incident Earlier This Year

Rapper DaBaby has shared some facts about the incident earlier this year when he shot a home invader, noting the person had scaled his fence at the time he pulled the trigger.

During a recent appearance on the Full Send Podcast, the rapper clarified that the intruder didn’t break into his house but jumped the fence of the estate. He also noted that the intruder had a hoodie on.

At the time of the home invasion, the Ohio rapper was reportedly working in the studio. He noted that his contractor had called him to tell him someone was on the football pitch in the compound, and the rapper had gone to investigate.

He said he felt the intruder had “ill intent” in jumping the fence and invading his home, his children were not home at the time, and DaBaby suggests that things may have turned out ugly were his children home at the time of the invasion.

By the way, according to a different report, the man DaBaby shot was known in the neighbourhood. The 67-year-old man is said to be suffering from dementia.

Anyway, the case is still being investigated. It’s unclear what the investigation would turn up at the end of the day.

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