DaBaby Hit With A Lawsuit By DaniLeigh’s Brother Over Bowling Alley Fight

DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, reportedly file a lawsuit against DaBaby for physically assaulting him in a bowling alley brawl.

According to reports from TMZ, Bills is reportedly suing DaBaby over the alley fight for assault, battery, emotional distress, and negligence. As contained in the court docs, Bills said he walked by him in the bowling alley when the attack from the rapper and his entourage came at him without warning.

Prior to the alley altercation, Bills on social media had declared his intentions to fight DaBaby owing to his treatment of DaniLeigh, who now has a child by the North Carolina rapper. Soon as the clip went viral, DaBaby claimed he acted in self-defence. “Self defence. Shouldn’t run around threatening people,” he told TMZ.

Corbin Bowl in Topanga, Calif., the bowling alley where the fight took place, has reportedly banned DaBaby from the premises as a ripple effect of the brawl. Local authorities also said the rapper was still under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon, seeing as the video clearly shows him involved even if his crew appeared to throw the majority of the punches. The investigation focuses on DaBaby potentially having kicked Bills in the head when he landed on the ground.

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