DaBaby Supports Will Smith’s Actions, Thinks Chris Rock Ruined The Biggest Night Of Smith’s Career

It is no longer news that last Sunday was the biggest night in television history, as the 94th Academy Awards was telecast live.

Chris Rock’s face met with the full wrath of Will Smith’s palm on the Oscars stage when the former made a G.I. Jane joke using Jada Pinkett Smith as the subject. While it seemed to amuse everyone else, it hit the wrong nerve with Will Smith, as he walked up the stage where Rock stood and gave him a history-making slap for the disrespect.

After the incident, a lot of people chimed in on the matter with their 2 cents. This includes some celebrities like Nicki Minaj, who had formerly worked with Willow at the start of her career, coming to Will Smith’s defense in a series of tweets where she tried to paint a little picture of Will’s pain seeing his wife ridiculed in such a manner.

Now, DaBaby has also thrown in his 2 cents into the collection, taking sides with Will and comparing the situation to that of internet trolls that are just online, keypad warriors that would always fail to maintain the same energy in person. He also really thinks it was messy for Rock to do Will Smith like that on one of the biggest nights of his acting career.

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