Daddy Showkey Claims He Was Almost Burned Alive For Theft While In A Gang

Legendary Nigerian musician, John Odafe Asiemo, popularly known as Daddy Showkey, has related how he nearly fell victim to a mob lynching in the state of Lagos.

He claimed that during one of their gang actions in Ikorodu many years ago, he and the gang he was a member of would have been burned to death. Daddy Showkey, a guest on the podcast “The Honest Bunch,” related how he and a few other young men terrorized folks with a gun they found at a trash dump until they were discovered one fateful day.

The “Diana” singer claimed that when the mob caught them, they were bound and about to be burned when they were miraculously spared. Showkey did, however, reveal that one of his gang members was eventually apprehended and burnt alive. The seasoned singer claimed that anyone may become great if they put in the necessary effort, given his ability to become legendary despite going through a difficult upbringing.

The singer claimed to be a living example for all young men, saying that if he could survive to become Daddy Showkey, then anyone could achieve any goal. Furthermore, he acknowledged that most individuals are embarrassed to discuss their pasts, but he doesn’t care and said he doesn’t mind.

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