Dandizzy Criticizes Lagos Residents For Classism

Fast-rising street rapper Dandizzy has come at Nigerians for their “classist mentality” and the wide belief that Lagos is heaven.

Dizzy made his thoughts known to everyone through a series of recent tweets. He began by saying that, just like Lagos, there were other great states and cities in the country that wouldnt have people breaking their backs to pay for the expensive rent that accompanies living in Lagos. He also tried to compare the standard of existence in Lagos to that in other cities like Abuja, which was emphatically mentioned in another tweet down the thread.

He explained that the “classist mentality” of many in Lagos leaves them shook when they travel to cities like ABJ and find out that those there are enjoying the “basic things” they scramble for in Eko. The rapper insists that the good life people seek in Lagos comes with the price of spending hours in traffic, drinking unsanitized “yellow” water, and getting the opposite of the luxury being paid for. He made it clear that even many on the mainland region of Lagos have it better when compared to some on the Island.

Additionally, he laughed off comments that suggested he couldn’t afford the Lagos lifestyle, saying he was doing much better than those that fancy themselves “ballers.”

Dandizzy Criticizes Lagos Residents For Classism, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024Dandizzy Criticizes Lagos Residents For Classism, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

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