Daniel Briskin Releases Anthemic New Single ‘Headlights’

Up-and-coming producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Daniel Briskin returns in 2022 with his thrilling new single ‘Headlights’ available everywhere today.

 A hazy hip-hop inspired jam, ‘Headlights’ finds Daniel at his funkiest, with rich sunshine melodies flowing throughout the track and a hands-in-the-air chorus which celebrates that feeling of instant connectivity when you meet someone out partying.

“Headlights is my favorite song to perform live, it’s got a lot energy and I think people feed off that” Daniel explains. “It’s a song about meeting someone out and having that instant connection but leaning into that initial connection over lust as a first instinct. I feel like it may be a step in a different direction to the first mixtape and I’m getting ready the next wave of Daniel Briskin.”

Daniel refined the crowd-pleasing vibes of ‘Headlights’ when he embarked on his first UK tour supporting singer/songwriter Tom Grennan in 2021. The trial by fire series of dates up-and-down the country inspired Daniel to let loose in his performances and his writing, as well as forging his love of vibing with the crowd.

‘Headlights’ is the latest step in this incredible new talent’s journey with PMR, and follows his previous single ‘Cash Cow’ and the Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons) produced ‘Forever Was A Feeling’ mixtape. More recently Briskin has been adding to his already impressive sonic pallet, spending time in the studio with everyone from Digital Farm Animals, Master Peace, Lancey Foux and A1 x J1.

‘Headlights’ is the sounds of Daniel coming out of his shell. As he puts it: “The new music is the sound of me going: ‘Fuck it, I’m 20 years old, why am I not having fun?’ I feel now as if I’ve figured some things out. I feel like I’ve really come into my own.”

Listen HERE.

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