Danny Brown Says He’s Working On A New Solo Album

Danny Brown’s career took a significant turn for the better in 2023. The release of his sixth studio album, “Quaranta,” garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His collaboration with JPEGMafia on the feature-length album “Scaring the Hoes” took the internet by storm, marking a significant milestone in both artists’ careers.

During a captivating performance at the Forum Kentish Town in London, Danny Brown not only treated his audience to a mesmerizing set list of his greatest hits but also made a thrilling announcement about his upcoming solo album. His declaration, “I am working on my new album right now, so, as soon as I’m done with that sh*t, I’ll be right back here with you motherf*ckers,” elicited an exhilarating response from the crowd, indicating their unwavering support and anticipation. Amidst the fervor of the performance, Brown provided insights into his creative process, revealing that he diligently dedicates his post-show hours to crafting new songs, showcasing his unwavering commitment to his artistry. Despite infusing a hint of humour into his remarks about avoiding distractions, the audience fervently cheered, acknowledging his dedication and resolve.

In 2023, Danny Brown opened up to NPR about how his artistic journey has been shaped by a transforming shift from a turbulent past of substance abuse to a newfound sobriety and clarity. Because of this change, he has been able to rediscover who he really is, and it has also inspired him to be more creative and achieve new artistic dimensions. His music reflects his mature perspective. Brown largely credits his new routines for the maturity of Quaranta, which he considers his best work to date.

“Now, me being older, I just want to be happy,”

“Not doing sh*t that kills me, but sh*t that makes me [feel] live. And music is one of those things that I feel like that keeps me young. And just the hip-hop lifestyle in general. You don’t gotta be f* up to live the hip-hop lifestyle.”

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