Darasimi Features Lawrence Oyor In “911”

Darasimi, a gifted gospel singer from Nigeria who is also a wife and mother, has released the track “911”. Darasimi collaborated with her husband, Lawrence Oyor, on this brilliant joint made available in March 2023. The song also features a choir that contributes beautiful backup vocals and gives the song a lift.

Darasimi Features Lawrence Oyor In &Quot;911&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, March 3, 2024

Known as a prolific psalmist who has changed lives via his music, Lawrence Oyor recently wed Mike Bamiloye’s daughter Darasimi. Produced by Lawrence Oyor, the Gospel track has a runtime of 5.38 minutes.


The song emphasizes man’s limitations and reaction to requests to serve humanity and fill in for others. This concept is also made very obvious in the video as the characters respond to or reject “Heavenly” phone calls, and the consequences of their choices are made clear. The viewpoint that one should be prepared to answer when God calls or seeks their attention is further supported by Lawrence Oyor, who also contributes with his lyrical style.

Comparatively speaking, the “911” number reference alludes to the distress call as we know it. It compares that scenario to man’s relationship with God and how he responds to our calls by sending assistance where needed.

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