Davido Gladly Receives Broda Shaggi Into His Home

Comedian and actor Broda Shaggi paid Davido a friendly visit in a touching video that went viral online. Shaggi was welcomed into the “Blow My Mind” singer’s UK home with open arms. The musician was delighted to see the content producer. After a lighthearted dance with Broda Shaggi, Davido leaped out of his chair, and the two gave each other hugs and handshakes. Davido then returned to his seat after a quick greeting.

So far, the clip has gained reactions from fans of both entertainers, especially OBO’s. The singer was hailed as a free, easygoing guy who loves playing. The warm reception shows the cordial relationship existing between the stars. As indicated in the video, Davido was feeling great and giddy, similar to the overwhelming emotions he expressed at the immense support and love he got from the fans after announcing his next studio album, “Timeless.”

The new album is scheduled for release on the 31st of this month, though no other details about the LP, like its tracklist and guest features, have been disclosed. Those might be unveiled at the beginning or middle of the incoming week to heighten the anticipation. However, even if OBO chooses not to drop those deets, the album announcement alone has gathered all the needed expectations to make it a blockbuster project.

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