Davido Purchases A Pricey Lamborghini Worth More Than 900 Million Naira

David Adeleke, better known by his stage as Davido, gained media attention when it was claimed that he spent N900 million on a pricey Lamborghini whip. Once the car vendor, @edikanexotics, uploaded a picture of the vehicle with the personalized license plate number saying “E Choke,” the Grammy-nominated artist’s preferred catchphrase, the news quickly spread online.

Despite its exorbitant price, Davido’s admirers and fans haven’t wasted any time congratulating him in the post’s comments section.

Davido Purchases A Pricey Lamborghini Worth More Than 900 Million Naira, Yours Truly, News, February 27, 2024

Davido is riding a high wave after his big album announcement earlier this week. Since the passing of his son, the singer has been keeping his doings cool, but he has been up to a lot that he does not choose to share on socials, like how he recently hung out with fellow entertainer and friend Broda Shaggi on foreign soil.

A touching video that appeared online captures the comedian and actor paying OBO a friendly visit. When Shaggi entered Davido’s UK mansion, the singer greeted him warmly and with excitement. However, Davido and Big Wiz are expected to team up for an extensive tour sometime this year, though just an announcement from Wiz is all we have for now. While we await that miraculous collab, OBO fans continue the countdown to March 31.

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