Davido Releases A Hot Snippet Of His Collaboration With Asake

For fans of Nigerian singer Davido, the wait is almost over as he teases them with a brand-new clip from his upcoming album “Timeless.” Fans of Davido were ecstatic to find that Asake was a featured artist on an incoming new song, “No Competition,” expected on the soon-to-be-released album. However, fans, impatiently awaiting the anticipated album release on March 31, were left wanting more by the brief clip. Fans could hear the music, singers, and lyrics in the posted excerpt and were all in awe of the amount of ingenuity.

This demonstrates Davido’s capacity to remain current and reliable in music. Their union is a force to be reckoned with, as evidenced by their collaboration with Asake, but it also demonstrates their dedication to African culture and music. The fact that the album “Timeless” will include some of the top stars in the music business has raised expectations to an all-time high. Fans will get a taste of brand-new music and suggestions that Davido will display a new side of himself on the album.

The released snippet continues to amp up the hype for this weekend’s drop, which would be historical even for Davido. But, of course, we’re still waiting to see if he discloses any additional info about the album before its official release. At this point, fans will lap up anything OBO drops like hungry deers. Check out the hot snippet below, though.

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