Davido Shares Reason Behind Exclusion Of Mayorkun from Timeless Album

With his recent album, Timeless, Davido, an Afrobeats superstar, has taken over the music industry. However, the widely acclaimed 17-track album lacked a few notable tunes, including a duet with Mayorkun.

During an interview with Beat FM, Davido explained the reasoning behind these omissions. He said several times that bureaucratic concerns stopped certain tracks from making the final edit. A Fridayy song with a Drake sample was one such example. Drake authorized the sample, but other parties could not be reached in time.

Furthermore, Davido claimed that he and Mayorkun collaborated on a song that did not appear on the album. Why is this happening? One of the project’s composers was “acting crazy” and failed to meet the deadline. Due to this difficulty, the song was left from the album despite its outstanding quality.Davido Shares Reason Behind Exclusion Of Mayorkun From Timeless Album, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

The talk also focused on Davido’s upcoming full-length album, which he collaborated on with musicians Capella Grey, BLXST, and Kizz.

Davido’s open explanations highlight the complexities and difficulties that can occur during the recording process. Fans may be dissatisfied with the lack of some collaborations, but they admire the artist’s honesty and trust in his decision.

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