Davido’s $5 Million Demand Shocks BLord In Endorsement Deal Stalemate

Williams Ifejika, better known as BLord, a cryptocurrency tycoon and entrepreneur, was stunned after popular music artist Davido demanded a hefty $5 million for a one-year endorsement deal for BLord’s app.

BLord took to social media to detail the encounter with the famed musician. He had initiated communication with Davido, expecting a favorable negotiation over the terms. However, the reply from Davido’s team contained the staggering endorsement price of $5 million. The unexpected amount considerably exceeded BLord’s budget of $250,000, approximately N150 million, for the endorsement, leading to a wave of disappointment and surprise.

Known for his tech start-up, Billpoint, BLord also added that his initial offer to Davido was for an ambassadorship contract worth N150 million, the equivalent of $205k. The counteroffer from Davido’s team, a staggering N2.3 billion ($5 million), left the techpreneur feeling overwhelmed.Davido'S $5 Million Demand Shocks Blord In Endorsement Deal Stalemate, Yours Truly, News, May 21, 2024

Subsequently, BLord sparked an online debate when he posted about the failed business proposition, prompting a mix of reactions from netizens. Some sympathized with him, stating that the asking price was overly inflated, while others suggested that Davido might not have been interested in the deal and thus proposed the high fee.

Others criticized BLord for sharing private business emails, arguing that such disclosure could be harmful to his professional reputation. As the debate continues online, BLord has sought public opinion on which celebrity he should approach next for an endorsement deal within his budget of $250K.

The proposed partnership between BLord and Davido, had it gone through, would have added another high-profile endorsement to Davido’s portfolio, and given significant publicity to BLord’s app. However, the exorbitant price has put a halt to the deal, for now.

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