D’banj & Timaya Come Together To “Chop Life”

Nigerian music legend D’banj got together with Dancehall legend, Timaya, and they both decided to make a record. They just want to chill, catch cruise, and “Chop Life,” like their joint new single says. When two OGs combine their OG talents on a song, it is always a delightful thing to experience, especially in an industry that is cold. Both artists have been faring great in their individual endeavors save for D’Banj’s recent run-in with the law.

The musician was apprehended and held after ICPC agents surrounded him and forced him to present himself at the organization’s headquarters in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, according to persons acquainted with the situation. Insiders claimed that D’banj had evaded summonses for weeks by stating that he was abroad for scheduled concerts each time he was asked to show up for interrogation about fraud allegations.

The pop musician, a famous and wealthy Nigerian, is charged with defrauding the Nigerian government out of hundreds of millions of naira intended for the N-Power project, an empowerment initiative launched by the Nigerian government in 2016 to combat youth unemployment and advance social development. The singer has since been set free and publicly denounced having anything to do with fraud allegations.

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