Deadpool Actor Will Appear In An Upcoming Production, According To Kojima

Kojima Productions has revealed that Shioli Kutsuna, the acclaimed actor from Deadpool 2, will be the newest celebrity cast member in an unnamed and future project. A teaser poster introducing Shioli Kutsuna as a character in the future work places her face beneath the words “WHERE AM I??” It’s comparable to how Elle Fanning’s character was first introduced.

The new teaser poster features Shioli, but instead of a face’s outline, there is a shadowed image with the words “HOW COME?” Kojima is not unfamiliar with secret information releases of this nature. Kojima is not unfamiliar with secret information releases of this nature.

Other cryptic announcement instances include the debut of “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” where the unexpected news was masked by a bogus game company and an impostor interview. Speaking to a media outlet, Kojima emphasized his great aspirations for this next project.

If this were to be successful, he asserted that it would be revolutionary because it would “turn things around” in the video game and “movie industries.” Kojima was working on “part two,” despite it being unclear whether this next project is a sequel to Death Stranding, as Norman Reedus unintentionally revealed.

When Kojima friend and Death Stranding cameo actor Geoff Keighley hosts The Game Awards 2022 on Dec. 9, which will stream live, we might learn more about Kojima’s mysterious game.

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