Denzel Curry Not Making A Punk Album Anytime Soon

Some of his fans might be desirous of a punk album, but Denzel Curry isn’t ready to make one. In fact, his opposition to a punk offering is so strong that when asked about it during an interview, he rejected it with the f word.

Hip hop might be an oldie in the genre trenches, but as we already know, it’s still n evolving genre, and some musicians would not identify simply as makers of hip hop music. So we’ve had stuff like “Alternative Hip Hop” and “Afro Punk” popping out there.

So, where does Denzel Curry belong? The Florida rapper wouldn’t get into the box some fans appear determined to have him in.

His cover of “Rage Against The Machine” was so good that many fans praised him, with some asking him for a punk album. The songster had nothing but the middle finger for that suggestion.

Curry has no objection to musicians consumed by the punk fever dropping something in that direction, but he wouldn’t want to be bothered about making one himself. It remains to be seen if he’d change his mind on that.

It would be a big win for the punk universe if that happened. And maybe some eyes might melt and see the future. Lol.

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