Denzel Curry Says He’s The “Best Rapper Alive”

Hip Hop star Denzel Curry has declared himself the Best Rapper Alive.

Now and again, a rapper in the Hip Hop scene grabs the crown of the Best Rapper Alive and claims that he’s it. But, this time, Denzel Curry has declared it. Just yesterday, the rapper tweeted about putting in more work while reacting to Kendrick Lamar’s new drop, “The Heart Part 5”.

A recently published interview by XXL Mag sees the rapper talking about where he places in the Hip Hop game. He said, “Just look out for me. Look out for any of the next projects that’s ’bout to come out. I’m ’bout to shake the whole game up. I don’t care what anybody got to say, bro. I’m the best rapper alive. Point blank, period.”

Curry recently dropped the album “Melt My Eyez See Your Future”. The project features T-Pain, Rico Nasty, 6Lack, and more. He spoke to the outlet about how much Hip Hop has evolved and said, “Then everybody wanted to be trap. Then everybody wanted to be sad. I’m watching all that stuff evolve over time. The way that hip-hop is going right now, it feels like a hybrid. But you gotta remember, hip-hop is always gonna change. That’s something I even had to realize doing it.”

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