Diddy At Risk Of Indictment As Grand Jury Forms In New York

Diddy holds a prominent position as a global music mogul. That being said, the Justice Department is actively looking into him as investigations surrounding him continue to make headlines. Diddy’s houses were raided a few months ago, as we have covered in great detail. Following this, various conjectures regarding the future unfolded. In addition, the probe was conducted amid the artist’s being sued and accused of several offences. Since November of last year, Puff has been charged with numerous crimes, including rape, sexual assault, human trafficking, and physical abuse.

Diddy most recently appeared on camera, aggressively abusing Cassie. The hip-hop community was astonished when they saw this 2016 hotel video. In addition, a recent Rolling Stone article featured unflattering testimonies from Diddy’s former pals. For the mogul, things seem to have gotten worse this morning. According to TMZ, this is mainly because a grand jury was formed in New York. It has been reported that witnesses may be called before the Grand Jury, which sits in the Southern District of New York, very soon.

The evidence the prosecutors have gathered seems ready to be presented after a months-long investigation. After considering the evidence, the Grand Jury will determine whether Diddy will face charges and under what circumstances. It is reported that Homeland Security has conducted its investigation with the utmost caution and that every effort is being made to ensure that a strong case is assembled. Although it’s unclear if Diddy will face charges, this latest event undoubtedly puts the billionaire in danger of indictment.

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