Diddy Calls Mase A “Fake Pastor” And Claims That He Owes Him $3 Million

Mase owes Diddy $3 million, according to Diddy, who has refuted accusations that he stole from his musicians.

At the 42:20 mark of his most recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy brought up the claim that Mase had been charged with the same crime as Diddy, stealing money from one of his own musicians. Envy questioned Diddy about if he considered that circumstance to be a “I told you so” moment.

“No I don’t look at it like that,” said Diddy. Diddy clarified his actions by claiming that he “didn’t do nothing” to Mase and referred to his earlier charges as “bad advertising.”

“[It] has really tried to stain my legacy,” he said. “I don’t like to get in just talking people’s business and things like that… [but] I can’t have y’all following me, because I am here to be a leader and to give some direction, if you think that I’m a scumbag that will ever steal anything—My name is Diddy, Sean Combs, I never took nothing from nobody a day in my life. All I’ve ever given is opportunity and more money than a person was making.”

Get a full scoop of entire the interview in the clip below.

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