Diddy Gets Into A Heated Argument With An Actor From “Power” While Wearing The Joker Costume For Halloween

Diddy got into a heated argument with actor Michael J. Ferguson while wearing Heath Ledger’s Joker costume for Halloween. With his exact recreation of the late Heath Ledger’s Joker from the film The Dark Knight, Diddy won Halloween this year. The head of Bad Boy Records embodied the supervillain to a startling degree, replicating his irrational behaviors to the letter.

Onlookers were confused about the distinction between Diddy and the Joker after Diddy’s Halloween encounter with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson. On Sunday night, a video of their contentious conversation started going viral on social media. With his back to the camera, Diddy engages the actor in combat at the beginning of the clip.

Diddy starts laughing uncontrollably in the style of the Joker, giving the impression that the rapper is playing a role. The atmosphere, however, quickly changes dramatically as it becomes apparent that Diddy is significantly more serious than he was with Tyler.

Ferguson tells Diddy, “Don’t touch me,” and Diddy responds, “You’re a clown,” continuing laughing hysterically. What’s up?” Baby? Why do you think you don’t like me? Diddy poses the query while maintaining his persona and playing with his phony machine gun.

After then, Diddy abruptly stops the deed. He roared, “Then muthafucking get to it, n***a.” “You muthafucking frontin’ if you don’t like me. Do it now, b*tch. Don’t fucking play with me on Halloween. I’m out here with love.”

The Power actor, though, maintained his position and asked Puff, “What up then? They exchange a few more words until their respective entourages get involved and Diddy asks Ferguson, “Do you know who I am? ”

Diddy may have been prepared to defuse the issue at this point, though. Ferguson moved closer as he called out, “Come here and give me a hug.”

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